We convene one-day workshops participated by international speakers.

Global Philosophy of Religion Workshop 1

22 June 2022, University of Birmingham

Room 149, ERI Building, University of Birmingham

Free registration - please contact Yujin Nagasawa (

1:00–1:40: Shivanand Sharma (PhD Student, University of Birmingham), ‘Is Consciousness Fundamental? – A Vedāntic Perspective’


1:50–2:30: Martin Pickup (Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Birmingham), ‘Where is God? Divine Presence and Location’

2:30–3:00 Break

3:00–3:40: Khai Wager (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford), ‘Pantheism and the Spiritual Life’

3:50–4:30: Hazel T. Biana (Professor of Philosophy, De La Salle University, Philippines), ‘See You in 100+ Years or So: Immortality and Reincarnation in K-Dramas’

4:40–5:20: Jeremiah Joven Joaquin (Professor of Philosophy, De La Salle University, Philippines), ‘Of Sheep, Goats, and Eschatological Fatalism’

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