Translation Grants

We offer grants to support translators of books and papers addressing our themes.

There are many countries where the philosophy of religion is not widely known. There are also many important works in the philosophy of religion which are not known beyond specific linguistic or geographical regions. Therefore, we will offer 5–20 grants (totalling £50,000) to scholars who will translate books or papers in the philosophy of religion from English to a non-English language or vice versa. We aim to allocate approximately £12,500 to each of the four regions on which we focus: Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Priority will be given to reputable books or papers addressing the project themes, which can be read widely by students and researchers (rather than highly technical works for specialists). The awarded grants can be used for labour, subsidies, or other administrative costs associated with the publication of the translated works. Applicants will be required to submit the following items to by xxx.


  • The CV(s) of the applicant(s) (translator(s))

  • A proposal of 1500–4000 words addressing the following:

    • The rationale for translating the nominated book

    • Target readership

    • The qualifications of the applicant(s)

    • Communication with the publisher of the original book and a potential publisher of the translation

    • A timeline for the translation

    • A budget narrative


The eligibility criteria are as follows:


  • The book or paper to be translated is broadly relevant to one or more of our themes.

  • A complete translated manuscript will be submitted by the end of 2020 without delay.

  • The right to translate is provisionally confirmed with the original publisher.


We emphasise that translations of books that are primarily historical or exegetical, or books that focus on promoting mere tolerance across religions, will not be funded. We particularly welcome applications by translators from regions and religious traditions that are underrepresented in Anglo-American philosophy of religion.


Selection Process: We will assess each application according to the following selection criteria:


  • The quality of the proposal

  • The relevance of the nominated book to one or more of our themes

  • The applicant’s track record of publication or translation commensurate with career stage

  • The expected impact the proposed project will make on the globalisation of the philosophy of religion

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