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We publish papers, books and journal special issues addressing our project themes.


Nagasawa, Yujin and Mohammad Saleh Zarepour (eds.), Global Perspectives in the Philosophy of Religion: From Religious Experience to the Afterlife, under contract with Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Jonathan Duquette (2021), Defending God in Sixteenth-Century India: The Śaiva Oeuvre of Appaya Dīkṣita, Oxford University Press (Oxford Oriental Monographs Series).

Journal Special Issues

Abdalla, Bakinaz (ed.) (2021), Religious Studies Archives Issue 2: Topics in Jewish Philosophy of Religion (open access).

Zarepour, Mohammad Saleh (ed.), Religious Studies Archives Issue 5: Islamic Problems and Perspectives in Philosophy of Religion (open access), 2022. 



Abdallah, Bakinaz, ‘Review of Aydogan Kars’ Unsaying God: Negative Theology in Medieval Islam’, Religious Studies, forthcoming (FirstView online).

Abdallah, Bakinaz, ‘A Philosopher-Prophet or an Angel? A Skeptical Reading of Isaac Albalag’s Theory of Prophecy’, The Jewish Quarterly Review, forthcoming.

Duquette, Jonathan, ‘Navya-Nyāya in the Late Vijayanagara Period: Appaya Dīkṣita’s Revision of Gaṅgeśa’s īśvarānumāna’, Journal of Indian Philosophy, 49: 233-55, 2020.


Duquette, Jonathan, ‘Epistemology, Logic and Metaphysics in Pre-Modern India: New Avenues for the Study of Navya-Nyāya’, introduction to a special issue co-edited with Dr Hugo David. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 49: 145-51, 2021.


Duquette, Joanatha, ‘Power, Independence and Divinity: A Śaiva Response to Veṅkaṭanātha’s Position on the Goddess’, in Marcus Schmücker and Elisa Freschi (eds.), One God, One sastra, Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, forthcoming.


Nagasawa, Yujin, ‘Evil and Impermanence in Medieval Japanese Philosophy’, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, forthcoming.

Nagasawa, Yujin, ‘Personal Theism vs. A-Personal Axiarchism’, Georg Gasser and Simon Kittle (eds.), The Divine Nature: Personal and A-Personal Perspectives, Routledge, 2021.

Nagasawa, Yujin, ‘Pro-Immortalism and Pro-Mortalism’, T. Ryan Byerly (ed.), Death, Immortality and Eternal Life, Routledge, pp. 115–133, 2021.

Nagasawa, Yujin, ‘A Panpsychist Dead End’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 95, 25–50, 2021.


Pickup, Martin, ‘Modelling Deep Indeterminacy’ (with George Darby), Synthese 198, pp.1685–1710, 2021.


Zarepour, Mohammad Saleh, ‘God’s Propositional Omniscience: A Defense of the Strictly Restricted Account’, Religious Studies 58, pp. 473–487, 2020.


Zarepour, Mohammad Saleh, ‘Avicenna on Grasping Mathematical Concepts’, Arabic Sciences and Philosophy 31(1), pp. 95-126, 2021.


Zarepour, Mohammad Saleh, ‘Relationality of Intentionality’, Philosophical Psychology, 34(5), pp. 660-683, 2021.


Zarepour, Mohammad Saleh, ‘Classical Islamic Conceptions of God and Revelation: God Is Not a Person but Can Speak’, Georg Gasser and Simon Kittle (eds.), Personal and A-Personal Aspects of the Divine, Routledge, in print.


Zarepour, Mohammad Saleh, ‘On the Varieties of Finitism’, Faith and Philosophy, forthcoming.

Popular Articles​

Duquette, Jonathan (2020), ‘An Ancient Indian Perspective on the Environment’, iGlobal News. 

Duquette, Jonathan (2021), ‘Beyond Polemics: Debating God in Early Modern India’, OUPblog.

Nagasawa, Yujin (2020), ‘Coronavirus: Medieval Japanese Thinkers had Similar Reactions to Plagues – Isolate or Party’, The Conversation.


Nagasawa, Yujin (2021), ‘Is it Rational to Believe in Miracles’, Dialogue (a magazine for religion and philosophy teachers) 56, pp. 10–13, 2021. 


Nagasawa, Yujin (2021), ‘What Do World Religions Teach Us About COVID-19 and the Possibility of Miracles’, University of Birmingham.

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