English Language Support Grants

We offer grants to support non-native English-speaking philosophers of religion.

Many of our overseas contacts have indicated that English-speaking journals do not receive many submissions from non-English-speaking parts of the world in part because authors in those countries often do not feel confident in their written English. Therefore, we will offer approximately 20 grants totalling £20,000 to support non-native English speakers who wish to publish their philosophy of religion papers on the project themes in the English language. The awarded grants can be used to cover expenses that are directly relevant to the production of the papers in English, such as proofreading, translation, and book purchases. The winners of the grants are required to submit their completed papers to English-speaking journals as well as to us.


We will run this grant competition twice, in 2020 and 2021. We intend to fund approximately 10 applicants in each round. Applicants are required to submit the following items to xxx@bham.ac.uk by xxx.


  • The CV of the applicant (author)

  • An abstract of the proposed paper of no more than 200 words

  • An extended abstract of the proposed paper of 1000–3000 words.

  • A proposal of 500–1000 words explaining the following:

    • the qualifications of the applicant

    • the name of a peer-reviewed journal to which the author intends to submit the paper

    • a timeline

    • a budget narrative


The eligibility criteria are as follows:


  • The applicant is a PhD student or faculty member at an institution of higher education or a student or member at a comparable level at a traditional religious institution, such as a yeshiva, madrasa, or ashram.

  • The applicant is a non-native English speaker. (If there is a co-author, s/he has to be a non-native speaker too).

  • The proposed paper addresses one or more of our themes.

  • A completed paper will be submitted by the end of 2021 for the first round and by the end of 2022 for the second round without delay.


Proposals for writing papers that are primarily historical or exegetical, or papers focusing on promoting mere tolerance across religions, will not be funded. We particularly welcome applicants from regions that are underrepresented in Anglo-American philosophy of religion and applicants whose papers address underrepresented religious traditions.


Selection Process: We will assess each application according to the following selection criteria:


  • The quality of the proposal

  • The relevance of the proposed project to one or more of our themes

  • The applicant’s track record of publication commensurate with career stage

  • The expected impact the proposed project will make on the globalisation of the philosophy of religion

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