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Grant Winners 2022

We offer many grants to support research involving philosophers of religion from underrepresented regions and religious traditions.

We are delighted to announce the awards of English Language Support grants to nine philosophers of religion from six countries – Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine and USA. They will write papers on topics relevant to one or more of our  project themes for publication in international peer-reviewed journals.

Winners of the 2022 English Language Support Grant Competition

'"Transcending Death" Through Transhumanism' 

  • Author: Cennet Ceren Çavuş (Muş Alparslan University, Turkey) 

Awarded Amount: £1,000   


'Tragic Resentment Towards Heaven (Tiān 天) in Early Confucian Thought’ 

  • Author: Lok Chui Choo (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) 

Awarded Amount: £1,000   


'Negative Eschatology as an Open Path to Mystery of Death and Immortality' 

  • Author: Ana Maria Correa Moreira da Silva (University of Brasilia, Brazil) 

Awarded Amount: £1,000   


'The Divine Hiddenness and the Love and Goodness of God' 

  • Author: Gabriel Reis de Oliveira (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) 

Awarded Amount: £1,000   


'Life is also not life, death is also not death”: an Chinese-Islamic' Perspective by Wang Daiyu王岱舆(1570-1660?)  

  • Author: Qiu Lin (Duke University, USA) 

Awarded Amount: £1,000   


'Avicenna on Divine Simplicity' 

  • Author: Hashem Morvarid (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA) 

Awarded Amount: £1,000   


'Solutions to the Problem of Evil Across Muslim and Christian Occasionalists'

  • Author: Sümer Şen (Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands)

Awarded Amount: £1000

'Islamic Modest Dualism and the Metaphysical (Im)possibility of Bodiless Resurrection' 

  • Author: Aysenur Ünügür Tabur (University of Augsburg, Germany) 

Awarded Amount: £1,000 

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