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Art and Poetry Exhibition

We host a public event  addressing our philosophical themes from philosophical and artistic perspectives.


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The theme of this exhibition event is Evil, Suffering, and Hope. The theme is especially relevant during a time when many of us have experienced some form of adversity. The pandemic seems an obvious candidate that has impacted us all in some way.

While the persistence of genocide, occupation, and war throughout the world makes us extremely distraught. The effects of climate change to our daily lives are also becoming increasingly apparent. Religious traditions tend to play a significant role in how we might exercise the concept of hope in the face of such adversities. This may help us physically cope and navigate through such difficult times. It may also help provide a philosophical response and shape our understanding of such matters. We believe that the expressive power of artwork and poetry can embody religious perspectives of hope in responding to the philosophical problem of evil and suffering. We are thus seeking artists and poets to submit work that explores this theme in innovative ways. A brief introduction to the problem of evil from various traditions can be found here.

What is this event about?  
This exhibition event showcases an engagement between artwork, poetry, and philosophy. It aims to explore how the concept of hope is used by diverse religious traditions in responding to the philosophical problem of evil and suffering. It invites artists and poets to exhibit their work that is representative of this. The event will include talks and a panel discussion by philosophers from three religious traditions. It will also involve an exhibition of artwork and presentations of selected poems.

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