We organise a variety of events to promote research in global philosophy of religion

The details of these events will be published here in September 2020 when the project officially starts.

International Conferences

  • Conference 1: The Existence and Nature of Deities (University of Birmingham, UK, 2021)

  • Conference 2: Death and Immortality (Waseda University, Japan, 2022

  • Conference 3: Evil and Suffering in the World (University of Birmingham, UK, 2023)


Publication Seminars

We will convene seminars in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East for doctoral students and early-career researchers who wish to publish papers in English-speaking philosophy of religion journals. The following editors of leading philosophy of religion journals have agreed to contribute to this initiative.


  • Helen De Cruz, Executive Editor, Journal of Analytic Theology

  • Georg Gasser, Editor, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion

  • Ronald L. Hall, Editor, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

  • Mark Murphy, Editor, Faith and Philosophy

  • Yujin Nagasawa, Editor, Religious Studies

At the seminars, these editors will offer overviews of their readership and submission processes. They will also explain appropriate topics for their journals and types of papers that have a strong chance of being published. They will also discuss effective ways of structuring and presenting papers and improving them in light of referees' feedback.

Publication Seminars 1 (2021): TBA

Publication Seminars 2 (2021): TBA

Publication Seminars 3 (2022): TBA

Publication Seminars 4 (2022): TBA


Public lectures

We will hold five public lectures on the project themes at the University of Birmingham. Each lecture will be delivered by a philosopher representing a distinct religious tradition.


Public lecture 1 (2021): TBA

Public lecture 2 (2021): TBA

Public lecture 3 (2022): TBA

Public lecture 4 (2022): TBA

Public lecture 5 (2023): TBA

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