Closer To Truth TV

We produce TV episodes and videos in collaboration with Closer To Truth TV


Closer To Truth Television Series

In collaboration with Closer To Truth we will produce 10 episodes and dozens of short videos on the our project, broadcast on PBS stations in the United States and on Closer To Truth's YouTube channel globally. 


Closer To Truth is a unique TV series created, written and hosted by Dr Robert Lawrence Kuhn and co-created, produced and directed by Peter Getzels. The show is based on conversations with distinguished scholars worldwide on fundamental questions in Cosmos (cosmology/physics, philosophy of science), Consciousness (brain/mind, philosophy of mind) and Meaning/God (theism/atheism, philosophy of religion, critical thinking).


It features over 4,000 video interviews and over 300 TV episodes. Closer To Truth is broadcast weekly on over 200 PBS and public television stations in the US, and the Closer To Truth YouTube channel has over 1 million views and 10 million minutes watch time every month.

Press Release: 'Birmingham Philosophers Explore Big Questions with US TV Closer To Truth