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Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of philosophers of religion from 13 countries representing many religious traditions.

  • Nader Alsamaani, Assistant Professor of Analytic Philosophy, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

  • José Tomás Alvarado, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile

  • David Cheetham, Professor of Philosophical Theology and Head of the School of Philosophy, Theology, and Religion, University of Birmingham, UK

  • Agnaldo Cuoco Portugal, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Brasília, Brazil

  • Tyron Goldschmidt, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Rochester, USA

  • Victoria Harrison, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, University of Macau, China

  • Laurenti Magesa, Professor of Moral Theology, Hekima University College, Kenya

  • Thaddeus Metz, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Hamdi Mlika, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Kairouan, Tunisia

  • Motsamai Molefe, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Fort Hare, South Africa

  • Masahiro Morioka, Professor of Philosophy, Waseda University, Japan

  • Shaykh Yasser Qureshy, Lecturer in Islamic Studies and Partnerships/Research Manager, Cambridge Muslim College, UK

  • Ignacio Silva, Associate Professor at Austral University in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Hamid Vahid, Professor of Analytic Philosophy, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Iran

  • Alex Watson, Professor of Philosophy, Ashoka University, India

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